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2020 - GBIO0002 - Genetics and bioinformatics


In this course genetic concepts are introduced that are necessary to understand a selection of bioinformatics related data analysis problems. To solve these problems a variety of analytic tools will be explained and exemplified.

The course is in part based on interactive ex-cathedra lectures and in part on interactive practical sessions. The exercise sessions allow students to become familiar with the theoretical concepts introduced during the theory classes. They prepare students to successfully carry out their homework assignments.

This course is organized by Kristel VAN STEEN and Franck DEQUIEDT



  • Class of 1 December 2002 will start at 14.30 and will finish at 17.00
  • 31 October 2020: Additional instructions for homework assignment 1 can be downloaded HERE .
  • 12 October 2020: The group memberships for homework assignments can be viewed HERE . Every group should have at least one master student as a member. We propose that master students take the initiative to contact fellow members. As soon as the homework assignments are available, please discuss in your group which style of homework you will take and indicate this in the form (last two columns; dropdown menue). On the basis of this information, further instructions will follow (for instance, about the duration of each presentation in case you selected "literature style").
  • Prepare yourself for the first class: Please follow the instructions HERE to pre-install on your computer the software that will be used in class 1 and/or subsequent classes.

Start date

15 September 2020



Please join this class from your computer, tablet or smartphone via

This is the link to use for classes by Prof Van Steen (including class 1). Other links will be included in the course schedule below

Avoid smartphone connections.

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Please complete the following administrative form by clicking
here. It will be used to manage group formation for homework assignments.




Dates Topics Materials Class links


Meet & Greet



     Class 1_Admin

  • Video : R Session 


PART I : Genomic Association Studies


Genetics and Genetic Markers: from "DNA blueprint" to  variation

  •   Prof Dequiedt  (via Blackboard Collaborate)


     Important instructions:

  • The virtual classroom should also be available in students myecampus platform, under the     GBIO0002 course : 

        Tab: Virtual Classroom, 

        content : Class 09/22.

  • Class will start at 1:45 PM but login is available from 1:30.
  • It is highly recommended to use the Chrome browser, disable your camera during the course and generally, follow the recommendations for Collaborate for students.

  • In case of a problem, please refer to Blackbaord Collaborate help:



Genetic mapping using GWAS as high-level analysis: Why, What, How?


 Oct-6 GWAS in Practice
  • Archana Bhardwaj via
  • Contact ( in cc) to iterate further about GWAS in Practice
  • Video recordings (mp4 files): 


Principles of DNA sequencing technologies and low-level analyses



High-level DNA sequence analyses: Why, What, How?



Principles of gene expression and proteomics:  data generation and low-level analyses




Systems analytics: principles and examples




Student presentations
  • homework assignment 1 - literature style (bioinformatics analytics)


Student presentations
  • Moderated by Prof Dequiedt via
  • Practical session: Arnaud Lavergne (GIGA - Genomics Core Facility; Member of GIGA Bioinformatics Team)
    • video via ecampus (virtual rooms, "enregistrements")
  • Missing additional Q (Q&A - bioinformatics) to homework 2: included in homework assignment Nov-17




Systems Analyses




Student presentations
  • homework assignment 2 - literature style (genetics)


Student presentations
  • homework assignment 2 - literature style (bioinformatics analytics)
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