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2022 - Bioinformatics Applications - Systems Medicine

Special topics course within “Bioinformatics”: Systems Medicine

Location: refer to CELCAT and course administrator

In case the session is online, the following link will be used:

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Course schedule changes: via ULg mail

Lecturer: Prof Dr Dr Kristel VAN STEEN 

Course themes

I: Genome-wide association studies

  • Components of GWAS
  • Case studies via assignment

II: Systems medicine

  • “Interactions”
    • public health
    • precision medicine linked to between-patient heterogeneity
  • Discussions following assignment envisages augmented understanding of:
    • Translational aspects of GWAS (how? successful?)
    • Individual heterogeneity via “interaction” networks (role of GWAS in such networks?
    • Informativity versus redundancy or noise (subnetwork discovery?);
    • Multi-view (integration?);
    • GWAS for stratified medicine (what about the environment or microbiome?)




GoToMeeting ID (when applicable)

Course materials

 March 9 (2-6pm)


March 23 (2-6pm)

 II: Systems Medicine

 In person

  •  Course slides: click here

 Assignment to find applied GWAS studies:

  • Go to and the SEARCH button
  • Go to “General links” and “Summary of All Variant-Disease Associations”
  • Type in the DISEASE of your choice (make sure you use the convention suggested by the data bases)
  • Select in addition SOURCE GWASCAT if you wish to have GWAS studies from the GWAS catalogue; alternatively select SOURCE GWASDB
  • Take most recent studies “Last Ref” and/or those with a good number of evidences via “N PMIDs”
  • GO!




To prepare (in English)


April 4 (2-6 pm)

III: Presentations with  discussions




1. Select 3 Q to work out in depth on presentation slides.

2. There is no limit on the number of slides but the presentation should be ~15min

Oral slides presentation with Q&A

  •  clarity of slides
  • accuracy
  • relevant illustrations (be creative)
  • links to other resources (incl class refs)
  • efforts made to understand concepts/analysis flow


1. Comprehensive slides deck related to homework assignment.

2. TBD

Written exam: Integration of comprehensive slides deck with additional individual assessment

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