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2019 - GBIO0002 - Genetics and bioinformatics


In this course genetic concepts are introduced that are necessary to understand a selection of bioinformatics related data analysis problems. To solve these problems a variety of analytic tools will be explained and exemplified.

The course is in part based on interactive ex-cathedra lectures and in part on interactive practical sessions. The exercise sessions allow students to become familiar with the theoretical concepts introduced during the theory classes. They prepare students to successfully carry out their homework assignments.

This course is organized by Kristel VAN STEEN and Franck DEQUIEDT

The practical sessions are given by Archana BHARDWAJ


Start date 17 September 2019
Location  B28 R.21 (0/21)
Time 13:45-17:45





 6-Nov-2019 :

 a) Included supporting exam material for " GWAS in practice" : 22 october 

b)  Included supporting exam material for "The post-genomics era in practice" : 5 nov

 19 NOV 2019 : 

 a) HW2 Part I and Part 2 uploaded under section "19 Nov "



Dates Topics Materials

   Introduction : What to expect?



ALL SUBSEQUENT CLASSES: bring your laptop!                   

PART I : Genomic Association Studies
Sep-24 Genetics and Genetic markers; Variant Calling



1) Data bases and R tutorial

 (bring your laptop)









Genetic mapping using GWAS: Why, What, How?

Additional exam material (supporting docs):

    - Bush-2012 

     - Balding-2006 


             Home Work 1 (Literature style)

Homework assignment (literature style /for q&A style see Oct 22):

  [DUE BEFORE 12 November]


 Principles of sequencing: DNA, RNA

 GWAS in practice




Additional exam material (supporting doc):


 (Home Work 1 : Question and Answer style) 

 Homework assignment (q&A style  / literature style see Oct 8):

[DUE BEFORE 12 November]


  Sequence comparisons: Recognizing Words

 Additional exam material (supporting docs):


PART 2    : From Association to Function

   The post-genomics era in practice





Additional exam material (supporting docs):


     HW1 presentations and discussion





 (Home Work 2 : QA/Literature)


Systems analytics: Why, What, How?



Omics integration in practice: From Big to Bigger Data




  Principles of gene expression and proteomics data generation

("Q&A - feedback to homework 1 // Mini-quiz")



     HW2 presentations and discussion

    ("Q&A - exam preparation // Mini survey")


    *PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR HOMEWORK at email address







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