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2019 - GBIO0009 - Topics in Bioinformatics

In this course genetic concepts are introduced that are necessary to understand a selection of bioinformatics related data analysis problems. To solve these problems a variety of analytic tools will be explained and exemplified.

The course is in part based on interactive ex-cathedra lectures and in part on interactive practical sessions. The exercise sessions allow students to become familiar with the theoretical concepts introduced during the theory classes. They prepare students to successfully carry out their homework assignments.

This course is organized by Kristel VAN STEEN 

The practical sessions are given by Archana BHARDWAJ


Start date 18 September 2019
Location  1.123,B28
Time 13:45-17:45




  "Classe will held at BIO3 - GIGA-R Medical Genomics Unit, Université de Liège"

Dates Topics Materials
Sep-18             Introduction                           

Course Organization

Course Administration

 Lecture 1                            

Sep-25  Introduction to R and PLINK





Genetic mapping using GWAS: Why, What, How?





 GWAS in PLINK and Post-GWAS with DEPICT



 Bioinformatics in Personalised Medicine : Focus on Molecular subtyping


 Molecular subtyping in practice





 Nov-6  Project  Discussion and Hands on help




Practical use of Biofilter in GWAIs 


Project  Discussion and Hands on help


System Medicine : Looking at interactions (Session I)



 System Medicine : Looking at interactions (Session II)


HW2 presentations and discussion  


Feedback on homework;  




Tasks Points
Homework 1  
Homework 2  
Presentation Participation  





    PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR HOMEWORK at email address

2020 – Genetic epidemiology

Special topics course within “Topics in Epidemiology”: Genetic Epi


Location: UA / COVID-10 online


Course schedule changes: See MEPI – second semester

Lecturer: Prof Dr Dr Kristel VAN STEEN 

2020 – Genetic Epidemiology

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