Coordinating a new Marie Curie ITN (ETN)

Our BIO3 lab will coordinate the new Marie Curie Innovative Training Network “TranSYS – Translational Systemics for Personalized Medicine” from 2020-2023.


TranSYS will recruit 15 ESRs to highly skilled jobs in the new era of Systems Health developing tools and approaches to exploit large and complex datasets to advance Precision (Personalized) Medicine in several disease areas. The training programme and experience of different international research environments curs across traditional data and life sciences silos. The emphasis on translational research will support new collaborations between academics and the pharma and health analytics sectors. Our ESR projects will advance the state of the art on biomarker discovery, improve understanding disease-specific molecular mechanism management (including warehousing, disease specific and standardized approaches for data processing, visualization and model development), leading to improved clinical study design, clinical sampling and more targeted therapeutics. This ETN will internationalize participants, and leverage EC and industry sponsorship, to structure and expand the unique training programme and advance emerging research areas, combining wet-lab, clinical and Big Data resources with computational and modelling know-how.

To achieve a paradigm shift in research training this ETN brings together international leaders in Preclinical Science & Molecular Medicine, Systems Analytics, and Targeted Therapeutics, from academia and industry. These experts are ideally positioned to develop the proposed training programme and deliver a highly-trained workforce of next generation scientists, with the right mind-set, knowledge and skills, at the interface of Translational and Systems Medicine. The TranSYS training programme is designed to address a critical skills gap that is currently a bottleneck to advancing Precision Medicine.

BIO3 role