Regular University Courses

Our society is evolving rapidly and is changing in several aspects. Preparing our students to take their place in that society imposes some demands on our way of educating students:

  • At the end of their university careers as students they should have a sound scientific knowledge. But they must also have learned, through self-study, to keep their knowledge up to date and to continuously expand it.
  • Using that knowledge as building blocks to create and travel by new paths requires that they have developed an analytical mind and an attitude of flexibility, creativity and critical thinking.
  • During the development of their careers, students will have to collaborate with other people and institutions, who may have showcase quite different viewpoints. This requires an open mind and the ability to interact with others in a problem-solving and innovative way.

Advanced Courses

BIO3 also gives specialized (short) courses in statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology with an international audience.