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Euregional Microbiome Center: start of webinars!

EMC WEBINAR series starts January 19th, 2022: Lisa Maier will talk about “The Impact of Drugs on Human Gut Commensals”; Check out “events” for additional information.

Congratulations to Diane!

On 23rd March, Diane became the regional finalist of the competition “My thesis in 180 seconds”. Diane is working on developing methods to understand and capture heterogeneity in epistasis networks. She was also selected as the best video contributor by the network of the PhD students at the university ofRead More

Looking forward to the kickoff of the new Euregional Microbiome Center!

Free registration via the EMC registration page.

Mark your calendar!

Our first annual summer school on Precision Medicine at the Interface of Translational Science and Systems Medicine (TranSYS) is approaching! Regardless of your background, there are multiple sessions to choose from during 23-27th November 2020. Free attendance. Check out our updated program via .

2020: a year to remember

Only half way in the year, and already 8 papers secured! Many more in the pipeline …

Mark your calendar!

TranSYS kickoff via a mini-symposium at KU Leuven (Belgium) and a first School later in the year. Check out the website for COVID-19 updates:

Our paper was highlighted by the International Genetic Epidemiology Society

One step closer to molecular disease subtyping for personalized medicine!

Development of individual-specific molecular networks (ITN-PhD Position @ BIO3 KU Leuven))

Describing a system implies describing its behaviour and important control mechanisms that regulate this behaviour. Crucial in this process are interactions, which may occur at different levels or scales, and thus network theory and network visualization are increasingly being used to understand biological mechanisms operating in human systems. However, anRead More

Hunting for patient subtypes through 3D imaging biomarkers in genetic disorders (ITN-PhD Position @ BIO3 KU Leuven)

Within this PhD project, we aim to develop a framework for gene-centric image data integration analytics and to support a patient stratification strategy that identifies major gene effects with potential applications in a variety of medical disorders. This will built on our previous work on rare monogenetic/ complex diseases inRead More

9 new PhD positions in the EU funded ETN TranSYS

Are you interested in “Precision Medicine at the Interface of Translational Science and Systems Medicine”? Then one of these vacant positions in TranSYS, coordinated by BIO3 may be what you are looking for. Have a look at to find out more detailes and/or to apply!