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BIO3 is a medium-sized interdisciplinary research group based at the University of Liège and at the University of Leuven (of between 3-10 researchers on average per year). It is a highly dynamic and flexible group consisting of post-docs and PhD students in biology, software engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, statistics, mathematics, ICT, bioinformatics.


The areas of expertise of BIO3 are biostatistics, biomedicine and bioinformatics. The mission of BIO3 is to help biomedical researchers carry out their investigations and analyze their data, as well as designing new statistical and bioinformatics methods whenever they are needed.

Methods Development

Methods development cover the areas of data mining and machine learning, parametric, semi- and non-parametric methods and variable selection methods, for the inference of gene networks, for patient subphenotyping, for the assessment of population strata, and for purposes of investigating association, prediction and causal relationships.

Big Data

Algorithm optimization and computations methods are developed in the context of Big Data analyses. Research developments pay special attention to those related to interaction analyses, integromics, inclusion of prior biological knowledge in modeling or testing protocols, as well as meta-analytic techniques.